Pharmaceutical Logistics

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About company

The logistic company Pharm Express Logistics specializes in delivery of pharmaceutical freights, including medicines for clinical trials.  Pharm Express Logistics company is headquartered in the UK.

Due to the large accumulated experience and their own special vehicles, we can undertake projects of temperature-controlled logistics for even the most demanding customers.

Today Pharm Express Logistics has an extensive base of loyal customers – from start-ups to the world-famous international contract research organizations, pharmaceutical and research companies.

Why we?

We have 12 years' experience in the clinical trials market, with its complicated procedures, regulations, audits and requirements. That is why all Pharm Express Logistics’ cars are equipped by active temperature control devices which allow to observe the continuity of the Cold chain in the temperature modes + 15C° + 25C°, + 2C° +8SС°, -20C°.

We guarantee the absence of temperature fluctuations in the vehicle that could not be guaranteed by standard logistics companies. We perform the delivery all over Ukraine, as well as international forwarding.

In addition, each employee of our company passes specialized trainings, and the work is governed by standard operating procedures and an elaborated business processes.

Service Quality of Pharm Express Logistics has repeatedly confirmed by numerous audits and inspections of state regulators. Our quality management system meets the standards of GMP, GDP, GSP, ISO 9001: 2008 and continuously maintained through:

  • Quality System
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Global and local standard operating procedures
  • Detailed work instructions
  • Compliance with local and international legislation
  • Set of key performance indicators (KRІ)
  • Privacy System

Our values

Quality and customer interests

Our task is to make so that the client can entrust us with logistics, and be absolutely sure that the work will be done efficiently and in compliance with all standards.

In step with the times

Successful innovation, continuous improvement and development of our technology experts – the principles underlying by Pharm Express Logistics

Expert approach

Professional ethics and experience enable us to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical market


Our company is open and honest with the customers. With the service Pharm Express Online, customers can track not only the location but also the conditions of storage of goods.

Quality without compromises

European and local standards of logistics, modern equipment and a team of highly qualified personnel

We work for the good

We observe the principle of corporate social liability. We take additional measures for life quality improvement of our workers and their families, and also societies in general