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Our solutions

Pharm logistics 3PL

Pharm logistics 3PL

Pharm Express Logistics company provides complex 3PL-logistic solutions  for  companies from pharmaceutical market, performing high-quality warehousing & handling and delivery on all territory of Ukraine.

The profile Pharm Express Logistics direction is the Cold Chain  Delivery.


Thanks to the wide accumulated experience and own specialized  cars, we can perform projects of temperature controlled logistics even for the most exacting clients.

About 40% of all medical supplies are sensitive to observance of temperature condition. 100% of biopharmaceutical medicines require tough temperature restrictions. Most of them need transportation in the mode of “Cold chain” at a temperature close to +5°C.

Freezing, as well as overheating is detrimental for medicines of this type. If at least one unit of “Cold chain” unreliable even one of the criteria – all efforts are meaningless. If at least part of the circuit is not controlled – no control in the whole chain. In this regard, current worldwide problem is organizing transportation and storage of drugs and vaccines in the “cold chain” mode.

Our team makes transportation project planning, proceeding from the scale of maintenance, a subject of transportation and an arrangement of the centers of delivery and will help to pick up the optimal solution on packaging and temperature monitors.

Addressing us, you can be sure – your temperature cargo is in the hands of experts.