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Chilled Logistics Delivery

Chilled Logistics Delivery


The Problem of delivery of heat-sensitive (sensitive to temperature variations)  goods   often appears to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies, because their preparations are particularly sensitive to heat.

Our cars are fully complying with the requirements of aseptic delivery of heat-sensitive goods.

Each car of Pharm Express Logistics has the equipment, allowing to provide a temperature log during the trip, in addition, the technology used on-line tracking of temperature and location tracking of cargo in real time. Our vehicles engaged exclusively for the transport of pharmaceutical products.

Years of experience allows us to offer you the most suitable packaging, which eliminates the possibility of violation of temperature on the whole route, and its own fleet of vehicles allows to deliver  cargo in Kiev and Kiev region in the period from 1 to 12 hours, to other regions of Ukraine – in 24 hours .