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Transportation of bio-samples

Transportation of bio-samples


Pharm Express logistics guarantees careful and timely delivery of bio-samples in any point of Ukraine and abroad,  also storage services and services of biological materials bank  in own equipped warehouse. Integration of tracking system allows to monitor delivery on all way to the final receiver.

We understand that the success of all project of the research or accuracy of interpretation of analyses can depend from quality of our work with bio-samples. Therefore, we do everything to prevent any temperature violations and damages of biological materials during transportation.

Pharm express logistics performs transportation of bio-samples in case of all temperature conditions

(+ 15C °+25C °, + 2C °-8C °, – 20C °, dry ice, at ultralow temperatures). Regular couriers with tremendous experience and completed a full course of training are involved in work.

Innovative methods of packaging and the most modern heat-insulating materials are used in delivery.