Логистика фармацевтической продукции

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Our values

We work for the good

We observe the principle of corporate social liability. We take additional measures for life quality improvement of our workers and their families, and also societies in general


Quality without compromises

European and local standards of logistics, modern equipment and a team of highly qualified personnel



Our company is open and honest with the customers. With the service Pharm Express Online, customers can track not only the location but also the conditions of storage of goods.


Expert approach

Professional ethics and experience enable us to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical market


In step with the times

Successful innovation, continuous improvement and development of our technology experts – the principles underlying by Pharm Express Logistics


Quality and customer interests

Our task is to make so that the client can entrust us with logistics, and be absolutely sure that the work will be done efficiently and in compliance with all standards.